My Life Through Glass

Things just go weird! – Day 26

Day 26

I honestly do not even know what to write about this picture.  I actually had some better shots of some vintage cameras which belong to a friend.  Then there was this picture, I could barely stop laughing long enough to take this shot and I swore it would end up in a file titled, “For a good laugh – open.”  And yet here it is in my 365 photo project because every time I look at it, I laugh.

So many questions come to mind when one looks at this photo:

1)  Where does one find a Storm Trooper’s helmet?

2)  Why isn’t this pseudo Storm Trooper wearing a shirt?

3)  What the heck is the context of this situation?

I’ll never tell!
Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Things just go weird! – Day 26

  1. I wanna know the whole story.. waa waa waa. ;) Good capture!

  2. These lips are sealed ;)

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