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Stand by Your Man – Day 28

Day 28

Today was one of the worst days I’ve had in long time.  A series of unfortunate events enhanced by a sour mood.  Not a good combination!  Something happened though when I got off the train and saw my husband.  He made the mistake of asking how my day was and it all came out, every nasty detail.  When I was done I felt a million times better, I was home.

Today I decided to bust out my pancake lens (Canon 40mm.)

It’s been so long since I’ve used it and it felt good to change things up!

This one’s for you B!

Xtina McG

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4 thoughts on “Stand by Your Man – Day 28

  1. Love this shot. Would look great framed.. in my living room ;) Definitely can see you selling your prints. Check out

  2. Sounds miserable but I am so happy to hear that Mr. B was there for you and you were able to let it all out…Love the picture…beautiful chess set…Love you..

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