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Change – Day 29

Day 29

I was wracking my brain tonight because at 6:30 this evening, I still didn’t have a post.  I knew I wanted it to revolve around “change,” as I seem to have a lot of that in my life right now.

How do you express change, when it’s not fall and you can’t take pictures of the colorful leaves?  Or there is no before and after montage…  I was puzzled that’s for sure.  Then I thought why do I have to make everything so complicated?

So here is my picture of “Change,” whether you are looking for change to buy a coffee, or looking to change your look or your house or career – it can all be summed up with this photo.

Maybe not my best photo but I am actually happy with this post as it truly reflects the events of today!

How would you capture change?

Xtina McG

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4 thoughts on “Change – Day 29

  1. I love this picture Christina! You are so talented!!!!

  2. You have me verrry curious! ;)
    I really love this picture. So cool. I don’t think I would have an idea how to capture ‘change’ better. Unless I showed pictures of new underwear??

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