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When Life Hands You Cabbage – Take a picture – Day 30

Day 30

I found this cabbage in one of my neighbor’s gardens.  I really liked the big water drops on the leaves.  I also admired this cabbage for still looking beautiful when all the other plants are brown and mushy due to winter’s rain.

I live in a small townhouse complex, where everyone pretty much knows your business.  I am sure they have been speculating between each other about what I am taking all the pictures for.

I’m still waiting for someone to ask, but people tend to prefer to whisper behind your back then to actually ask you a question.  So I guess I’ll remain weird occupant of unit #9 currently under suspicion for chronic photography.

I accept that.

Xtina McG

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10 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Cabbage – Take a picture – Day 30

  1. Witty! Great post to accompany a great photo. I notice you like to ‘center’ pictures to the left – your signature perhaps?

  2. Great shot……….and very close to the rule of “ninths” !!

  3. I love this photo – the background is a beautiful contrast and emphasises the crispness of the cabbage :)

  4. Reblogged this on Shutter to Imagine and commented:
    I like my cabbage stewed, I like it in a pastry pocket or pickled on a brat, or sourly sweetened in some slaw. But, thanks to this snap, I love a cabbage briskly, dewey-frozen. Thanks to Xtina McG over at My Life Through Glass for broadening my palate!

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