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B-Sides – Day 31

B Sides Jan

B had a great idea, why don’t I show my B Sides?  The photos that I liked but didn’t make it to the blog.  I loved the idea, so the last day of every month I will be showing my B Sides.

Since I take photos everyday there were so many pictures to sift through.  I am not quite sure if I chose all my favorites but I really liked these ones!

Today I passed a milestone, 1 full month of my 365 photo project.  It hasn’t always been easy but I am proud of what I accomplished.

In one month I have gained:

1)  1332 views

2)  36 subscribers

3) Most importantly:  A sense of self accomplishment

Thank you to all that have supported me through this journey!

Xtina McG

bj.2 BS 2 BS 3 BS 4 BS 5 BS 6 BS 7 Day 30

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2 thoughts on “B-Sides – Day 31

  1. That globe was a favourite for during the Olympics! Love the scrabble tiles, the alternate chess shot and what is that in the tree? SO curious!

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