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Waiting for Spring – Day 35

Day 35

A full day of work, finishing the purchase of our “new to us” second car and I still managed to take a picture for my post.  I amaze myself.  (Just kidding, but seriously.)

This little playground is located in our townhouse complex.  I always feel it looks a bit sad and lonely in the winter.  Is the playground waiting for the sun to come back too?  The promise of little ones jumping around and playing on them, the laughter and the screams of excitement.

I know how they feel everything is quieter in winter it will be nice when there are kids playing outside again.  It is always a reminder of the “Good old days,” when you played outside until the sun went down or until called for dinner.  Carefree and no responsibilities.  (Definitely no car payments.)

I think I sound like I am a hundred years old…..

Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring – Day 35

  1. Great post!.I think this way often…

  2. It was a great time for me!

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