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Lovely Alice – Day 55

Day 55I realized today after this post all my pets will have made an appearance on this blog.  Alice is the pet we have had the longest she’s almost 10 years old.  Now Alice and I have a very tumultuous relationship.  She is in every way B’s cat.  The only time she comes around me is when B is not around and she is absolutely starved for affection.  Knowing how she feels about me,  our relationship is always on slightly shaky ground.

Alice does have a lot of positive attributes though, for an older cat she still has a lot of pep.  You can often see her inner kitten  come out as she chases a ball through the kitchen or runs after the other cats nipping at their heals.  She is also very petite and while she is fluffy only actually weighs about 7 lbs.

So while our relationship is not perfect, I see it as a work in progress and maybe one day she will love both B and I equally.

Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Alice – Day 55

  1. Wow, beautiful eyes.

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