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Picture of Health – Day 69

Day 69

Today, B and I were doing our regular Sunday errands and while we were at the local produce store I noticed this beautiful Kale.  I believe this was labelled as Chinese Kale. I wasn’t totally paying attention and while I didn’t require Kale for any of this weeks recipes I knew I had to buy it as I had to photograph it.

Kale is a super food noted for its amazing health benefits.  I actually tried to find some fun/weird facts about Kale to jazz up this post a little but it turns out I couldn’t find any.  People take their Kale very seriously.  I mostly enjoy mine blended in a smoothie.

Although I am not sure that I want to eat this one, it’s too pretty.  That being said I have been wanting to try Kale chips so maybe it won’t last the week!

Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Picture of Health – Day 69

  1. Nadia on said:

    This kale looks so cute like this! I am jealous of your skills. Indoor with lower lighting I just can’t get my aperture or white balance or shutter speed correct! (Can’t get them to all work together)

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