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Caffeine High – Day 72

72I actually started thinking about this post last night as I was getting the coffee ready for the next day.  I was visualizing how good it was going to taste the next morning.  Nothing can compare to your first sip of coffee that has just finished brewing.  It might actually be the only thing that gets me through my morning.

That might sound dramatic but like most people I hate getting up in the morning.  Naturally my body wakes me up between 7:30 -8:oo am but when you start work at 7:30 that’s not really an option.  I am also painfully slow at getting ready, I just can’t rush myself so that means I am up at 5:15 am to be out the door at 6:50.  If it wasn’t for my caffeine high every morning, it just wouldn’t happen.

What gets you out of bed?

Xtina McG

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4 thoughts on “Caffeine High – Day 72

  1. Nadia on said:

    Your photography skills continue to amaze me and keep me envious. You somehow captured the steam coming off the coffee! Or the ‘aura’ of steam. I was going to say it’s crema but I don’t think so. Awesome! This is the cover of your *coffee* table book ;p

  2. The same as you. And my wife stepping out of the shower. ;)

    Good photograph here.

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