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Life of Dogs – Day 73


Eddie was exhausted today, and why wouldn’t he be?  He lives a very hectic life.

Eddie gets woken up every day and forced to go for a walk way too early for this liking.  Two hours later his dog walker arrives to take him on an adventure walk for a couple of hours with his dog friends.  When he returns he is  so tired that he sleeps for 4-6 hours.  He eats.  He sleeps some more.  He plays with Murray the cat aka his best friend.  He eats.  He goes for another walk.  Then he climbs on the couch to watch TV for a bit, until he falls asleep again.  Then he eats.  He goes for another walk. Then he retires to his bed for the night.

I wonder how me manages to make time for me?

Xtina McG

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4 thoughts on “Life of Dogs – Day 73

  1. Awwww…so cute! And great shot! :)

  2. He looks like a lion here! Great shot! They have such hard lives our little ones ;)

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