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Hide and Seek – Day 74


I wasn’t planning on doing another animal post tonight but I couldn’t resist capturing Tobi!  Anytime we are folding laundry our faithful, “helper,” is sure to be around.  He specializes in folding laundry and making the bed.  Ok, so maybe by folding the laundry I mean knocking our neatly fold piles of clothes over and chewing our socks and by making the bed I mean he tries at all costs to prevent us from putting on the new clean sheets by refusing to move off the bare bed.  (Even if you take him off by the time you turn around he’s back up there.)

Tonight I think he honestly believed that we couldn’t see him and that we were unaware of where these attacks were coming from. Jokes on him, he doesn’t like the big camera, (I think he has flashbacks to a forced photo shoot a couple months back and hasn’t posed for a picture since.)  As soon as he saw it, he vacated the room.  Oh well, I got my shot!


Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek – Day 74

  1. Awww….so cute! :)

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