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Busted! – Day 83


I love this picture!  It’s a good representation of the day, lunch at the pub with my dad and B. We actually just tried this pub a few weeks back after passing by it frequently for a good 6 years.  It turns out we love it,  the best burgers in town!

A relaxing Sunday with my two favorite guys, perfect right?

Well this shot got a whole lot better when I imported it into Lightroom and actually got a good look at it.  When I zoomed all the way in there was a couple sitting by the window.  They must have noticed me taking pictures, so the lady is shielding her face and the man is sitting there with his arms crossed sticking out his tongue.  I laughed out loud as I was editing!   Of course immediately I made up a little story about this couple, they are obviously having an affair and the woman does not want to be photographed with the person she is cheating with.  The man just does not  care because he wants to get caught, that way they can be together permanently.

Ok, maybe they are actually married and were just being silly but I like my version better.

Xtina McG

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4 thoughts on “Busted! – Day 83

  1. Nadia on said:

    I think I already made a comment, but don’t see it, so if this is done twice I apologize.
    I had to laugh.. I had the same thought as you did as soon as you said she was holding up her hand. I guess we’ll never know – or maybe his ‘real’ wife follows your blog by some chance! (Or maybe they are so vain they actually think they were the subject of your photo ;p)

  2. That is funny that you found these couple reaction. A good catch.

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