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Winds of Change – Day 114


It seems like all around me,  big life changes are happening for my friends.  Exciting new adventures about to be embarked on.  New jobs, new locations, new significant others and while I want nothing but pure happiness for all whom I call friend a selfish part of me doesn’t want to face the challenges these new adventures will bring to our relationship.  This seems very weird to me as I wouldn’t hesitate to  make a big change if it was the right one, but if I am being completely honest with myself, I love my life and I don’t want it or the people in it to change in any way.

Well there I admit it,  I am completely selfish!

Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Winds of Change – Day 114

  1. Nadia on said:

    I like your comments and the way you captured the floating pieces is amazingly cool.

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