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Reading and Vegetation – Day 128


Wow, I am playing catch up again.  I blame it on all the glorious summer time weather we are having.  It has just been too difficult to spend more time indoors on a computer after work with all this sunshine!

For the first time since I started my new job I participated in the lunch time walking club.  Not only did it provide me with a little lunch time exercise, I discovered for the first time, Semiahmoo Library.  I couldn’t believe this glorious building has been 2 blocks from my work this whole time.  I was blown away, I love city art and murals and I have seen a green roof, but never a green wall.

I think more cities should add these kinds of features, surely that would take away from the “concrete jungle,” feeling that often comes from walking among sky scrapers.

What city art do you love?

Xtina McG


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2 thoughts on “Reading and Vegetation – Day 128

  1. Nadia on said:

    This is absolutely the coolest! I love green art such as this but if that’s not around I really like things like murals that capture an areas spirit.

    • I love murals as well, but I am really becoming a fan of this green art. I wish there was more of it. Will have to shoot this in winter to see what it looks like during that season.

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