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Which One of These Things Does Not Belong – Day 162

162While I almost always post pictures that make me happy or bring me some type of joy, today I chose to photograph something that makes me mad.  They are constructing a new house in the neighbourhood and it IS RIDICULOUS.  As you can see by this clip of the street on either side of this monster house is a modest residence which is pretty much the norm for this specific street.  I don’t understand why someone would want to build a house of this size on this street nor why the city planners would approve such a plan.  It looks completely out-of-place and it just doesn’t belong here.  I must admit though I am not fan of huge homes, they seem so unnecessary and too much to clean, I would rather have a huge yard!

Well, there’s my rant – I feel a lot better!

Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Which One of These Things Does Not Belong – Day 162

  1. Huge yards are great for decks and pets! Great composition!

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