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Excuses – Day 177


I took a creative break from posting.  I have struggled with posting every day for a couple of months.  I am always taking pictures which is good but they are not making it on to my computer right a way.  What it all comes down to time management and I think I have to start scheduling my time differently.

This picture killed 2 birds with one stone, I needed to make something for my office potluck and the results of my labour doubled as my picture for Day 177.

Anyone out there have suggestions, tips or ideas for getting your 365 posts done every day?

Xtina McG

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4 thoughts on “Excuses – Day 177

  1. While I am not doing the 365 thing, you could schedule your posts rather than post immediately (see the function at the right of new posts). However, no idea whether this is in the spirit or not but it would help you to be able to put up a post a day. Hope this helps, MM 👍

    • My goal is to try to post the pic of the day on the day. Which isn’t always happening, but the most important part of the project is to be taking pictures every day. Thanks for the info though :) XM

  2. Great photo! Posting everyday is a challenge to be sure-I am in my second year and some days it is just a struggle-I learned that the more pictures I took ,it was a lot easier to just post and let it go-and I make sure to set aside the time to create the post-schedule it for the next day and then go on.It really is about what you want to do–for me it is posting a picture every day, even though the picture was taken the day before-but it works for me. Some days pictures are better than others, but just knowing I made it another day felt good-good luck!

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