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Are We? Day 186



When I first downloaded this photo I loved it, because I loved the sign.  A little encouragement that you could take with you to complete this trail, or make it through the day or just life in general.

The problem is that is not what I see anymore when I look at this photo.  You might not notice it if you are viewing  my blog on a small screen but when I view this picture on my computer I can see what appears to be an arm under water just below the top right corner.  I took several shots of this sign and the arm appears in all of them.  No, it’s not my arm, I wasn’t wearing a white shirt that day and the weird thing was that at that particular moment on the trail, B and I were alone.  Yes,  I already know I have a vivid imagination but I actually feel quite compelled to return to that spot again and check for a body.  I also want to retake the picture again and see if the arm appears again, if no body is found.

Maybe I shouldn’t post soo late at night….

Xtina McG

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2 thoughts on “Are We? Day 186

  1. Submerged wood? – its in the line of the fallen timber on left of photo. MM

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