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In Memory – Day 219


I have been trying to catch up on my project since our camping trip last weekend, but I hit a road block when it came to doing Tuesday’s post.  I just couldn’t do it, I wasn’t ready.

On Tuesday we had to say good-bye to one of our family members,  Jake.

Jake came to us on January 26, 2007, abandoned by his previous owner in the dead of winter in a rural community of Chilliwack, BC.  He was our first family dog and boy did we luck out.  Perfectly trained, obedient and forever loyal.

Some of my favorite memories of Jake are how he loved the water.  He wasn’t a swimmer though, he just liked to float.  The dirtier the water the better, of course.  When he was younger and he got really excited he used to howl like a wolf.  We used to get him going by howling like wolves ourselves.  I am sure our neighbors loved us.

It is now Sunday and I cannot help but feel the empty space that is left by his absence.  Jake was a big guy and we tended to always be tripping over him as he like to be in the middle of where the action was.  Sometimes I still half expect to have to manoeuvre around him and then I notice the path is clear.

Xtina McG

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5 thoughts on “In Memory – Day 219

  1. Sorry about jake. I love animals.

  2. Very sad. Beautiful memories.

  3. Jake sounds like a great dog and I am sure he was a terrific companion-I am convinced they still watch over us even though they physically are not with us. I am so sorry for your loss.

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